Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Samsung S7 Edge Introduction

Summary: Samsung S7 Edge has been released on March 11. As the successor and flagship for Samsung Galaxy S series, this device obtained numerous attention. In this article, you will get full Samsung S7 edge review, which includes all the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung S7 edge. In the mean time, you will get a few tips for Samsung S7 edge data management. 

Price would be the No.1 at the showing list of Samsung S7 edge introduction. For Samsung S7 edge, you can get the device for US$794.99 at AT&T, US$779.99 at T-Mobile, US$728 at Sprint and US$792 at Verizon. 

Samsung S7 Edge Specification
Display: 5.5 inch 
Weight: 157g
Battery: 3600 mAH
Display Technology: AMOLED 
Resolution: 2560×1440 pixels
Front Camera: 5 megapixels
Rear camera: 12 megapixels
Android Operating System: 6.0 marshmallow
Internal Storage: 32 GB, 64 GB 
Color: gold, black, sliver
Build Material: aluminum frame and gorilla class 4

1. Wireless charging, fast charging. Samsung S7 also has this feature.
2. S7 edge software is formulated to save power. In the mean time, this device equips with spectacular 3600 mAh battery. 
4. Pay high attention to Samsung S7 edge camera. The new sensor uses dual 12 MP technology, which can take good pictures under poor light. In addition, the larger pixels improves image’s sharpness. What’s more, the camera empowers you to make collages. 
5. Water and dust resistance. 
6. Screen is set to dual edge models.
7. Samsung S7 edge changed micro USB port from Type-B to Type-C, which allows you to connect Samsung S7 edge to any device, including other android phone. You could share files quickly by directly connect Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to Sony, Huawei, LG, HTC, etc. 

1.Not support adoptable storage 
2.Mono speaker. 
3.Fingerprint senor cease to work in the rain.

Tips for Samsung S7 edge data management. 
1.If you lost important data, apply to Android Phone Recovery to get data back. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Samsung S7 is coming, are you ready?

Samsung has become the No.1 android manufacturer worldwide at present. The company keeps create new product that could provides users with advance features and perfect experience. To achieve that goal, the company will release Samsung S7  on march, 11, 2016. In the mean tine, you could pre-order Samsung Galaxy S7 now if you prefer. It can not be denied that Samsung S7 has similar look with Samsung S6 from the front. However, the back is far different from Samsung S6. First, let’s take a look about it’s specification. 

Specification About Samsung Galaxy S7:
Dimension: 142.4×69.6×7.9mm, 152g
Screen: 5.1 inch display( Handy at pocket and hands)
Price: $699 for 32 GB model. ( A little pricey)
Color: black, white, gold, sliver. 
Operating System: Android 6.0 Mashmallow( The newest android OS)
Battery: 3,000 mAh battery, which can survive whole day.
Camera: Dual Pixel 12MP rear, 5MP front

Featured Design:
-Dust and Water resistant, which means Samsung S7 could be dunk in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. 
-Constructed with 3D glass and mental. 
-Offers fast wired and wireless charging. Wireless Charging compatible with WPC and PMA
-Advanced camera features. Dual Pixel 12 MP rear camera is a big improvement for photo taken, which delivers brighter and sharper images, even in low light. 
-Extremely external memory. You could insert a micro SD card for up to 200 GB.
-Special gaming performance. Samsung S7 is a good news for gamers. This device added Game Launch, which allows users to control battery consumption and minimize notifications. You could choose whether to be disturbed by a phone call or not while you are in the middle of game. You can also record gaming footage to share experience with your friends. 
-Less bloatware. Samsung S7 reduces bloatware accordingly, while a lots of apps and services are still available.

Note: Even though Samsung Galaxy S7 is great, it is still inevitable that data loss could happen due to various reasons. If you do meet data loss, turn to android Phone Recovery for help. 

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