Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Retrieve Deleted/Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

There were too much data on my Galaxy Note. I just want to clean it up, but accidentally deleted the whole contacts list. How can I get them back? Is there any way to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy Note?

It is very common issue that Samsung users accidentally lost their contacts. There are many ways to recover deleted/lost contacts from Samsung devices, like recovering from backup files, syncing with Google account or Samsung kies etc. If you don’t have available backups, don’t worry either, you can also restore contacts from Samsung as long as the lost contacts not be overwritten. Let's get the detailed ways to recover contacts from Samsung:

Part 1. Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Backup.

In this part, you can restore Samsung contacts from backup files only if you have previously backed up your contacts before. Check out the following 3 options.

Option 1. Recover Contacts from Samsung via Display Options

From Samsung Internal Memory:
- On your Samsung phone, go to “Contacts”.
- On the “Contacts” tap, click “Menu” button.
- Scroll to and hit “Contacts to display”, then tap “All contacts”.
- That’s it. Back to see if all of your contacts are recovered.

From Samsung Memory Card:
- On your Samsung phone, go to “Contacts”.
- On the “Contacts” tap, click “Menu” button.
- Select “Import/Export”, and tap “Import from SD card”.
- Choose the preferred save location.
- Your Samsung phone will automatically search the contacts store on memory card. When it is done, click “OK”.

Option 2. Restore Lost Contacts by Syncing with Samsung Kies

If you backed up contacts with Samsung kies, it makes Samsung contacts recovery more easier. The steps are very easy:
- Connect Samsung to computer.
- Launch Samsung kies, then select “Back up/Restore” top -> click “Restore data”.
- Select and find the backup file.
- Mark “Contacts” and hit “Restore”.
- When the restore is done, a message will prompt, simply click “Complete”.

Option 3. Retrieve Deleted Contacts with Google Account.

Google Sync is a free service which allows your sync Samsung contacts with your Google account. If you’ve saved your contacts to your Google account, then, you can restore them through this way.
- On home screen, go to app drawer.
- Select “Setting” -> scroll to and click “Add account”-> hit “Google”, then Existing.
- Enter your Google account credentials and tap “Next” then click ”OK” .
- That’s it. Google will automatically store your contacts to your Google account, your contacts will be retrieved when you sync your Gmail with your Samsung phone.

Part 2. Directly Recover Samsung Contacts via Samsung Galaxy Contacts Recovery


Failed to get your contacts back through the ways mentioned above? Take it easy, from this part, you will get the easiest solution to directly recover contacts from Samsung.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce an useful Samsung phone contacts recovery tool named Yolisoft Android Data Recovery( Android Recovery Mac) to you. It is specially designed to retrieve deleted photos, videos, text messages, contacts, Whatsapp messages,call history and other files from Samsung Android phones & tablets. You can recover deleted contacts from Samsung with a few steps:

- Launch the program and connect Samsung to computer
- Select specified files that you want to get back
- Access and scan data on your Samsung phone/tablet
- Selectively preview and recover lost data from Samsung

That’s it. You can mark the lost files on the scanning result and tap “Recover” to directly get them back to your computer.

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  1. When I hit the contact button on my phone it's just to find a never ending loading screen with the words "updating contacts" at the top. I can access, read, send and retrieve messages, but not save any of the numbers to my contacts' list, it doesn't respond at all to that.

  2. How to Retrieve Deleted/Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy? The easiest way is recovering from backup files, if there is no backup, you need to use a Samsung data recovery program for help. With its help, all deleted or lost contacts can be scanned out and recovered to computer via usb cable.