Friday, June 12, 2015

Samsung S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition

Samsung official released the Limited Edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge on May 26. Yesterday , 1600 Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge on sale for domestic users on Jingdong Mall (a popular Chinese Mall you may have heard about it). JD offers four approaches to get iron man s6 edge: 1 yuan panic buying, original price spike , limited auction , open to buy.

It is worth mentioning that all the Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge has a globally unique number. An Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge with code "66" was taken away in the high price of 568788 yuan  at the end of the auction by a user named "**** ziaf".

For poor me, it’s hard to imagine that. May be , a collection significance is far higher than the value of the product .

                                                                                           - Translate from Chinese news

According to androidauthority, the iron man edition galaxy s6 edge itself is in short supply, with only a 1000 to be made available.  If you love the look of this red and gold version though, there is luckily a rather simple and more cost-effective solution available to you, courtesy of SlickWraps.

Compared with the regular version of the S6 edge, the iron man version comes with amazing iron man design elements. The dazzling red and gold color makes it unique. The wireless charging plate is designed in the same iron man theme and that looks like an arc reactor.

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