Friday, May 8, 2015

How to Retrieve Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge

You may have received your new Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge already. Cannot wait to feel the Samsung flagship? Before you get the great smartphone, you must have read info about Samsung Galaxy S6( if not, you can check the article “Samsung Galaxy S6 is Coming, Are You Ready? ”I guess you have noticed its unique feature that the phone will light up when messages and calls received. Well, that’s the main topic we are gonna to discuss today.

Many Samsung users have encountered the problem of deleting important text messages accidentally, and most of them don’t have available backup messages. The Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge users are no exception. Thus, when you are enjoying the great function of Galaxy S6, please take care of your precious data, like the text messages. If you are the one who lost text messages from Galaxy S6/S6 edge without backup, you have came to the right place. Here I conclude a feasible solution for you. Simply use a Samsung s6 recovery tool to help you get through this problem.


About Samsung S6 Recovery:

A powerful galaxy S6 text message recovery tool highly recommended here is Yolisoft Android Data Recovery. Compared to the other Samsung recovery tools, this tool has several apparent advantages:

1.Fast Scanning Process. Many tools don’t offer the option to individually select file type to scan, which takes unnecessary scanning time.
2.More Data can be recovered. This tool can recover all the text messages which not be overwritten by new content.
3.Very Simple to Use. It enables you get back deleted text messages from S6/S6 edge with a few clicks.
4.Powerful Enough. If you are going to find articles talking about recover photos, contacts, call logs, whatsapp chats, videos, photos, don’t pass by, this galaxy s6 recovery can as well as recover many files from galaxy S6/S6 edge. Why not give it a try.
5.Absolutely Green & Clean. No writing operation, read-only.

Before we get started:

The first thing you should do is leaving your phone alone once you noticed the text messages deleted/lost. Text messages deleted/lost doesn’t mean the data disappear forever, it just free up the space for the new content. As long as no writing operation on your phone, the deleted text is able to be retrieved.

Backup your current text messages on Galaxy S6/s6 edge. You’d better keep the habit that regular backing up data for your Samsung phone. In this digital world, it is easy to lost data, a simple wrong deletion, virus, update etc. will cause the data loss.

How to retrieve deleted text messages from Galaxy S6/S6 edges with Android data recovery:

1.Get Android data recovery(android recovery mac).
2.Run the tool and select “Messaging” to continue.
3.Set enable USB Debugging.
4.Scan text messages on Galaxy S6/S6 edge by clicking “Start”.
5.Preview and retrieve deleted text messages from s6 selectively.
6.Export and print text messages out.(optional)

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