Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to Recover Deleted Video/Audios from Samsung Galaxy?

Do you ever used Samsung smart phone to record videos, audios? Or do you ever used Samsung phone to download music and videos to play? Videos, audios can bring fun, happiness to our life. However, it is pretty common that Samsung Galaxy phone user encounter data loss. So if that kind of situation ever happened to you? Your question would be how to undelete video, audios from Samsung galaxy?

In practice, Android Phone Recovery is the best chance to undelete files from samsung phone or tablet. It permits you to recover video, audios from Samsung galaxy s8/s7/s6/s5/s4/s3/s2/Note 5/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2/A 8/A 7/A 5/A 3/J 7/J5/J, etc. It also aids you to get contacts, call logs, text messages, WhatsApp history, document, etc from Samsung phone and tablet. Act like Magic.

Steps to Finish Samsung Audio/Video Recovery

Primarily, Install Yolisoft Android Phone Recovery at computer. Then click video or audio file types that you need to restore.

Mac version. 

Windows version. 


Second, connect phone to computer and identify the phone by app. You must turn on USB debugging at your phone in order to go forward.

Third, scan data and preview files. After scanning, you can check every scanned out files.

Finally, recover data from Samsung. Mark those files that you want to regain and hit “recover”.            

Valuable Tips to Help You Avoid Data Loss in the Future.
1. The most important thing is always to backup regularly. You could backup at phone or turn to  Manage Android from PC.
2. Install anti-virus software to avoid virus attack.
3. Sync mobile phone to Google account. Once you faced data loss, you can undelete data from Google.
4. Distinguish the reason of data loss. If the reason is suffered non-physical damage like water damage, dry the phone immediately. If the data lost because physical damage, apply to recovery app for data retrieval.
5. Disable all the internet connection at your phone, including Wifi connection. So your data won’t be overwritten by automatic update app.

Note: If your phone is broken, as long as the app can detect your phone, the data can be retrieved.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Recover Data from Samsung Internal Memory?

Internal memory is a indispensable part of smart phone. People usually store contacts, text messages or other data at internal memory. However, usually internal storage space is limited. After internal memory is fully stored, you may try some methods such as delete some stuff to free up your internal memory. However, mistakes like deleting wrong files happens a lot?Thus important data suddenly disappeared. That could be a disaster. Besides wrongly deletion, there could be other circumstances caused data loss. For instance, accidentally formatting, OS upgrade failure, virus attack,etc.
Anyway, if you lost important files and eager to recover data from Samsung internal memory, this Samsung Data Recovery tool is your first choice. Before recovery, there is one more thing that you need to know. Internal memory doesn’t show as external drive. As long as the phone can be identified by computer, the internal memory data can be scanned out. 

Why Android Phone Recovery is so popular?
1.Retrieve deleted images, contacts, call history, SMS, audios, videos, WhatsApp messages, etc, from all kinds of Samsung device.
2.Restore all kinds of data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4, Note 5/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2.
3.Safely recover files to the computer without modification or data leakage. 

-Download Android Phone Recovery 


-Turn on USB debugging at Samsung phone
-Charge Samsung phone till the battery is up to 20%
-Get a well functioned USB cable

How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Internal Memory?
-Run Yolisoft Android Phone Recovery
-Connect Samsung phone to computer. If the phone still can not be recognized by computer after turning on USB debugging, download Samsung Kies and Samsung USB driver. 
-Scan Samsung phone and wait for it.
-Preview files and recover files from Samsung internal memory.

Warnings to Avoid Data Loss at Samsung Phones
-Please safely removed you phone from computer at each time, do not plug out directly. Because it will increase the possibility of data loss. 
-You may heard of backup hundreds of time. But have you done it yet? If not, please keep in mind to back up. If you don’t know how to backup, this Phone Data Transfer could help you a lot. 

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Root Samsung Phones

What is Root? 
Here is the thing, even if you may already heard of root a couple of times, do you know exactly what is root? Actually, root is the process of getting access to android phone. It relates to adding a small Linux application called “su”, which stands for super user. After root, you will get privileged control of your phone, so you will be able to change everything at your android phone. 

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Root
1. Root is the most efficient way to free up phone’s space. 
2. You will get full access to your android phone. Customize anything as you like. 
For example, after root Samsung, you can flash the ROM, unload the pre-installed app, update Android OS, add software that is not permitted by Google Play, etc.
3. The battery life and operating speed will be improved . 
1. There is a great chance that crucial data loss. 
2. Your phone’s warranty will be invalid. After root your phone, anything happened to your phone is your own responsibility. You will need to pay for the fixation about
Samsung phone. 
3. There may be the risk of getting a virus to your phone. 

How to Complete Samsung Galaxy Rooting?
In order to accomplish rooting, you could try root app like One Click Root with easy steps.
First, connect your Samsung device to the computer via USB cable. Please confirm that your USB debugging is turned on. After the device is recognized by the app, tap “Root Now”, the rooting will start immediately. Once it’s finished, you can update Android OS, etc, as you want.

One more tip, you’d better backup your important data and apps before root. Because there is a great possibility that you may lost vital data. For easy backup, please check Android File Manager.
Note: There are other good root apps at the market, such as Kingo Android Root. You can also find more by yourself. 

Samsung Root Recovery
The major problem of rooting is that data loss happens a lot. More than hundreds of people encountered data loss after rooting, So, if you ever faced this situation, you can apply to Yolisoft Android Phone Recovery with four easy steps. Install the app, Connect Samsung to computer, Scan Samsung phone and recover data from Samsung.