Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Root Samsung Phones

What is Root? 
Here is the thing, even if you may already heard of root a couple of times, do you know exactly what is root? Actually, root is the process of getting access to android phone. It relates to adding a small Linux application called “su”, which stands for super user. After root, you will get privileged control of your phone, so you will be able to change everything at your android phone. 

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Root
1. Root is the most efficient way to free up phone’s space. 
2. You will get full access to your android phone. Customize anything as you like. 
For example, after root Samsung, you can flash the ROM, unload the pre-installed app, update Android OS, add software that is not permitted by Google Play, etc.
3. The battery life and operating speed will be improved . 
1. There is a great chance that crucial data loss. 
2. Your phone’s warranty will be invalid. After root your phone, anything happened to your phone is your own responsibility. You will need to pay for the fixation about
Samsung phone. 
3. There may be the risk of getting a virus to your phone. 

How to Complete Samsung Galaxy Rooting?
In order to accomplish rooting, you could try root app like One Click Root with easy steps.
First, connect your Samsung device to the computer via USB cable. Please confirm that your USB debugging is turned on. After the device is recognized by the app, tap “Root Now”, the rooting will start immediately. Once it’s finished, you can update Android OS, etc, as you want.

One more tip, you’d better backup your important data and apps before root. Because there is a great possibility that you may lost vital data. For easy backup, please check Android File Manager.
Note: There are other good root apps at the market, such as Kingo Android Root. You can also find more by yourself. 

Samsung Root Recovery
The major problem of rooting is that data loss happens a lot. More than hundreds of people encountered data loss after rooting, So, if you ever faced this situation, you can apply to Yolisoft Android Phone Recovery with four easy steps. Install the app, Connect Samsung to computer, Scan Samsung phone and recover data from Samsung.

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  1. Man, I am really thinkng of switching to an Iphone. I am having a lot of troubles with my Android. But this was really helpful. Thankyou