Thursday, July 23, 2015

Samsung Tablet Data Recovery - How to Restore Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy Tabs

About Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 News:

Samsung announced its thinnest smartphone a few days ago - Samsung Galaxy A8 - and this week it brought its thinnest tablet devices so far: the Galaxy Tab S2. According to Samsung’s CEO JK shin, the galaxy tab S2 gives uses quick, easy access to a wealth of superior viewing and productivity features.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 comes in two screen size- 8 inch and 9.7 inch - both of tabs feature integrated Exynos 7 system processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB/64GB internal memory, 8MP rear cameras, 2.1 MP front selfie shooters, along with integrated fingerprint readers and optional cellular connectivity.Its overall weight of 265g (8.0-inch) and 389g (9.7-inch). Besides, the Samsung’s press materials also play up the ease of reading media on the 2048 x 1536 pixel super AMOLED display. Each Tab S2 is only 5.6mm thick and both tabs android 5.0 lollipop with Touchwiz. As for battery life, the Tab S2 has a battery capacity of 3580mAh battery for the 8-inch, while the 9.7-inch model packs in a 5870mAh battery.

According to the previous report, the prices of the 8.0 inch and 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S2 tablets(Wi-Fi vesion) are $ 449 and $ 549 respectively. Samsung said the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will go on sale across the world in August. It looks like the models will be available in white and black.

Samsung Tablet Data Recovery

It is inevitable that files like photos, videos, musics stored on your Samsung galaxy Tab accidentally lost. The reasons that make data lost are different and various. Sometimes, the you just lost the data without realizing it. No matter what reasons are, you are lucky enough that there are always feasible solutions to get lost files back. For example, if you have made backups for your files before, it's easy to sync the backup files to your tablet. What if you don't have backups? It's okay as well. That's why I am writing this post tell you an great method of recovering data from Samsung galaxy tabs without needing of backups.


Step 1. Stop Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Given that you don’t have any backup files, in this case, you need get help from the 3-rd party tools to restore Samsung tablet data. But even the powerful recovery tools can only recover the files which weren't overwritten. Therefore, you'd better turn off your Wi-Fi connection and stop using your tablet to avoid overwriting and automatic update.

Step 2. Get a powerful Samsung Tablet Data Recovery Tool.
Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery program is highly recommended here. It is performs well on recovering deleted/lost files on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets including galaxy tab 2S/S/Note/10.1/Pro/7.0/7.7/Nexus 10 etc.

Step 3. Before Getting Started - Preparation for the recovery.
Before you get started, you need to connect the Samsung tab to your computer, and set developer options( enable USB debugging on galaxy tab) to let the tool access.

Step 4. Run Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery to Recover Galaxy Tab Data.
- After downloaded and installed the tool on your PC/Mac, run it.
- Select the specified file types. Choose one to continue, or it will select all by default. After the program detects your tab, hit “Start” to scan.
- Wait a few minutes for the scanning process, when it is done, you can view the recoverable files and selectively recover them by clicking “Recover".

 Learn More about Samsung Data Recovery:

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