Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Easy Solutions to Recover Deleted Data from Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Overview:

Samsung Galaxy S5 has became the most popular smartphone in 2014. It excels at everything that matters - Android 44 Kitkat OS(Android 5.0 lollipop is available for S5  now), beautiful display, quad-core processor, and especially its excellent camera experience, which made Samsung galaxy s5 a perfect tool take beautiful photos and videos.

Issues of Data Loss on Galaxy S5:

Data loss on Galaxy s5 is not a new issue today, thousands of Samsung users lost their data everyday in any possible reasons. Many of them came to us for our help to get their galaxy s5 data back. You may encounter different scenarios that could cause data loss, like deleting data accidentally click the wrong “Delete” button, virus attack, OS update, intentionally deleting data to free up storage space, hardware/power failure when you are transferring data. No one could accept the fact that all good memory just disappear without expectation. If you are the one who want to recover lost data from galaxy s5, you have come to the right place.

Solutions to Recover Data from Galaxy S5:

Before we get started, you have to ask yourself two questions: Do you have any available backups? Did you even add new data to your galaxy s5 after you lost data? That’s the most important step which in relation to the possibility of galaxy s5 data recovery.

Do you have backup?
If you are lucky enough to have the galaxy s5 backed up before, there are big chances to get most of lost data back. You can retrieve deleted photos, contacts, sms,videos, call logs and other files backed up before by syncing with the backup files. But the problem is that the new data you added after you created the last backup could not be retrieved in that way. That’s to say, you cannot recover all deleted data from galaxy s5 without a professional 3-rd party android data recovery software.

Did you add new content to your phone after the data loss?
Fortunately, data lost/deleted on your galaxy s5 still exists on your phone if they are not be overwritten by the new content. That’s why we often suggest those who want to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S5 don’t add new data on their phone immediately once they lost data. Otherwise, the new content could be probably overwritten, which will make the lost data unrecoverable. And even a powerful Galaxy S5 data recovery tool can do nothing to the data overwriting and not all data can be restored.

Android Data Recovery Program


After you have figured out the situations as we mentioned above, then you can try a Galaxy S5 data recovery tool to thoroughly retrieve you galaxy data. Here I will recommend an Android Data Recovery program to you. It is one of the top 5 Android data recovery tool in 2014. Typically, this tool can thoroughly recover all deleted data on Samsung Galaxy S5 including photos, videos, text messages, call logs, contacts, whatsapp attachments, and other documents. You can simply download, install android data recovery and run it to recover data from galaxy s5 by following the wizard. In the scan result, you can freely preview all the deleted data found. You can choose to pay for the recovery if you are satisfied with the results. 

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