Thursday, November 2, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Data Recovery

Samsung has released its flagship in 2017 - that is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is equipped with 6.3 inches of 2K screen, using Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 processor, and equipped with 4000mAh batteries. So some Samsung fans will change a new Note 8. However, have you encountered the situation of losing important data before? Do you know how to recover deleted or lost files from Galaxy Note? Its time to learn some tips or methods to perform Samsung Galaxy Note 8 data recovery.

The situations you lose your data on Galaxy Note 8:
  • Photos, videos, songs or other files may be deleted by users, or Android apps from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 android phone.
  • The SD card in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be formatted by mistake and files are lost.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone may be water damaged, broken or dead, black screen after system error.
  • Files may be deleted after Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone factory settings.

You can use Yolisoft Samsung Data Recovery to solve your issue. This is a versatile Android data processing software. It has various functions, in which the recovery function can help you recover the deleted data. Contacts, text messages, music, photos, videos, call history, audio, WhatsApp, and other data can be restored. Since this is a software designed for Android devices, Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, LG, OPPO, vivo, SONY and other Android devices can use it. So it's also practical. Also, you can preview the data you need to recover, which enables you to selectively recover data. In addition, the software steps are simple. The data in the phone will not be deleted or leaked.

Note: Please minimize the use of your mobile phone as soon as you realize your data is missing, because all operations are likely to cause your lost or deleted data to be overwrote by new data. Therefore, the earlier you to use the Android Data Recovery, the greater possibility to restore the lost content.


1. Download and install Yolisoft Android Data Recovery on your computer. After launching it, find and click on Data Recovery among all the toolkits.
2. Then, use the USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to your computer. To make your phone successfully connected to your computer, you need to open USB debugging on your phone.
3. When your Samsung Note 8 has been successfully connected to your computer, you can see the new window as below. Please check the types of files that you need to restore. Then click Next to go on.
4. Now you need to select a scan mode for your Samsung Note 8. Here are two scan modes, you can choose Standard mode or Advanced mode according to your needs. We recommend that you try Standard mode first and it work faster. When you define a mode, tick it and click Start.
5. When this process is complete, you can see all of the scanned data. At the same time, you can preview them. Check these data according to your needs, and then click Recover to save them back to your computer.

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  1. Please I really need help about samsung data recovery. After the file is downloaded and the update starts the update is stuck at 0%. Please any help will be appreciated.

  2. Samsung is amazing in mobile phone, as if someone want to resell his samsung phone , he can easily sell ,as after hard reset data can't be recovered. How is samsung in gaming lattop ?

  3. here is another way to recover deleted videos and photos from Samsung Galaxy, also it can helps to backup your Samsung Galaxy to computer